Sunday, May 1, 2011

Meet Alice...

The production of the steam punk version of Alice in Wonderland is now underway. It is a project I am very excited about starting. I have to admit the shopping for the wardrobe and sim hops for scenery shoots is alot of fun so far :)

Thursday, April 7, 2011

A Beastlike Production

Second Life resident Beast Theas is starting the production of his own comic titled.... Well title is still to be decided. Ideas being thrown in the air are 'Gor'... that is all. Here is his first page that he did all on his own.

Issue 2 of Nomos Comic Release

Whilst still a soft release, it should hopefully be released on SL Marketplace soon :)

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Sneak Peek 2

The process of finishing Issue 2 is almost at an end. Possibly a few more days of my critical scrutiny before I pass it over. Here are the first few pages.


So I went over to the Armageddon expo over the weekend, and for the sake of diplomacy I would have to say i found it... interesting.... *innocent smile*. Here are some pics as promised, not the greatest quality... but neither was the expo. Oops :/ diplomacy diplomacy!

Ok so I spent alot of my day avoiding the wrath of R2D2 bumping into my butt several times. Frisky little machine in'he...

Look the Green Lantern was enjoying the wrestling! No, i think it was the green power ranger... no no it's okay, it's the Green Lantern.

The most enjoyable part was probably the live wrestling. (Which I don't normally watch but hey..) The stunts and acrobatics were pretty impressive.

Knightrider car

Some actors from the show Sanctuary....

Some chick from Smallville... 

Ah the Rooster Teeth boys. That queue never died down. Check out their stuff at

Monday, February 21, 2011

Armageddon hits Sydney

The annual Armageddon Expo is coming to Sydney this weekend and I am very excited to actually be attending my first one. Whether it lives up to the stereotypical geek fest many of my colleagues joke about or it turns out to become a great source of information, I am very much looking forward to it.
Check out the link for what's going on. I will post some photos once the weekend is through.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Lost Files

There were many attempts to keep the comic issues going. Time has never been a great alliance. So I could call them unfinished, however one should never say never and they could be projects a venture back to one day.
Before Christmas it was decided to come out with a Nomos Christmas edition. The shots were taken and the storyboard was drawn up. Most of the mentors had volunteered to pose but unfortunately, rl got the best of me and it never got strung together. Perhaps it might be ready for Christmas in July :)

A special Thank you cover was released to all involved with the Christmas attempt. Thanks to the following; Aizen Wind, Melody Trefusis, Dimitra Nightfire, Toecutter Slingshot, Beast Theas, ATMLADY Alcott & Keyran Ronwood

Ah Memories... Here are some of the first panels ever worked on when the whole comic book concept in SL came to light.

Issue 1 saw some challenges. The first was how to portray the grand daughter in the story and because my brain ticks into overtime as to how what when and why a six year old come up with the name, the final process actually saw a simple image of a young girl in awe of the Metrotek structure and murmuring the name Nomos. Reasons as to why 'Nomos' are still a mystery to me and only really known to the author. That actual page turned out completely different to how it was storyboarded and yes it was influenced by a scene in Bladerunner where Harrison Ford is looking at the building whilst flying in and eating his noodles.

Ah the Phobos probe. A page I dwelled on for so long because I was being incredibly picky with the satellite looking things sold in SL. In the end I built one, though only featured in two or three panels it held a whopping 68 prims. There was a brief idea to box the comic in the probe for release, however many residents wouldn't find many places to rez out such a high prim package.